WONA International Trading Group is located in Vancouver, Canada, the company upholds the business philosophy of “health can be very simple, with the most direct way to enjoy a healthy life”. WONA believes that health is not complicated, drink plenty of water, drink good water, you can easily keep the best physical and mental state. WONA International Trading Group is committed to providing consumers with the highest quality, the purest and healthy drinking water, with a simple, direct and effective way for the health of consumers. WONA’s glacier springs are produced and manufactured in Canada and are in line with international filling standards. In situ filling, the product will be shipped directly to China, to ensure the quality of mineral water. In 2016, the company broadens the business, focusing on the production of good water on the basis of more attention to the production of canola seeds edible oil. The main producing areas of the plant is located on the North American continent 45-50 degrees Manitoba province, is the golden land of mustard. Here are the ideal conditions for the growth of mustard – fertile soil, clean air pollution, adequate light time. Winter cold weather conditions naturally control some fields and storage pests, compared with other areas, where the use of mustard insecticide at least; day and night larger temperature difference, can increase the rapeseed oil content, reduce rapeseed The saturated fat content of the oil; season picking, natural ripening – this rigorous and traditional way to make the canola oil greener and more natural. Canadian mustard is one of the most important and best-quality crops in North America, so its products – mustard seed oil is world-renowned. Our customers come from more than 30 countries and regions including the United States, Canada, and China. CANMELA with its high-quality spiral press non-genetically modified organic canola oil, open the international market, to win the industry recognized, deep public trust. At present, our trade in canola oil is in the industry-leading position. The company offers retailers with packaging specifications for all sizes and offers bottled and bulk products for the foodservice and food processing industries.